Our Expertise

Real World Operations/Expert Witness
Writing Reports, Rules and Procedures
Corporate Finance Analysis

With 42 years at the coal face, Jeremy has pretty much seen it all. This makes him ideal as an expert witness.

His 3 years working as a captain with Japan Airlines have given him a very good understanding of Asian aviation as well.

Having been involved with union negotiations, he is well placed to give advice on how airline workers will perceive airline management proposals. Jeremy understands that the needs of workers must be balanced with the ability for a business to be viable.

He has a good knowledge of what it takes to get pilots engaged and working with, instead of against management.

Jeremy is a highly skilled writer, having written four books. He is heavily involved with Board governance and is the secretary for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. He has experience writing rules and procedures for a number of organisations.

Manuals and Safety Management Systems (SMS) planning and writing for CAA part 135 are available at competitive rates.

With his Diploma in Financial Markets and 30 years of studying economics and finance, Jeremy is able to provide advice on the financial issues that face aviation entities. 

Risk Analysis and Efficiency Management
Book Formatting, Compilation and Publishing
Motivational Speaking


Jeremy is experienced in risk analysis and the creation of Risk Matrix charts and documents.


The budget of a full B747 or A380 is around $1 million every time it takes to the air. A good pilot who thinks about efficiency can more than save his annual salary, thus making him/herself zero cost to the airline. Jeremy has become an expert at airline operational efficiency.


Need or want a book published and don't know how to go about it? Can't write? Jeremy has written, formatted and published five books through Amazon KDP services.

Bring your story to Jeremy and he will turn it into a book that you can sell in electronic form or paperback and hardcover form. You can also order 'Author' copies for yourself at very reasonable prices.

Jeremy is available for motivational speaking. He is an Advanced Toastmaster and has vast experience speaking for corporates after his well-publicised charity events in the early 2000s. The theme for the presentation is how management in the corporate world relates to the management required for captaining a large commercial aircraft.

As an entertaining alternative, there is also a presentation available called 'The pilot and the drain layer'.